Stop wasting time on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has massive potential

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LinkedIn is growing in importance as a social media platform every day. Traditionally a form of online CV that was only used when you were looking for a new job, it is now a powerful networking and sales platform.

With the coronavirus pandemic making face to face networking limited or more challenging in many places, the importance of LinkedIn has taken a massive leap forwards.

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Like many social media platforms, it can be tough to stay motivated if you are getting low levels of engagement from your content. I’m…

Not what would you BUY

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Often when I talk to clients about their retirement plans, one of the most obvious questions is “When would you like to retire?” They’ll often laugh and say something along the lines of “as soon as possible”. The interesting thing is that when I push them a little on this, most quickly backtrack! Faced with the prospect of actually being able to retire at 50 or 45 or even earlier, most of us balk at the idea.

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Why is that? It’s because we don’t know what we would do with our time. If we don’t…

3 simple questions you need to ask yourself before you invest a penny.

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Investing for the first time can be daunting. There is a huge amount of information available online to educate yourself on finances and investments, but finding the stuff that applies to you can be a real needle in the haystack situation.

Before you even get to this point, you need to understand whether investing is right for you, and whether you are ready for it. You need to have an investment ready mindset.

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This is really important, because investing can be a real rollercoaster ride. We live…

Give your portfolio the best chance for success by avoiding these errors

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I’ve worked with financial planning clients and their investments for close to 15 years, across 2 countries. There have been many clients over this time who have been managing their portfolios themselves prior to coming to see me. Some of them have been doing a fairly good job. What’s been really interesting to me is that for those who aren’t doing so great, the mistakes they are making are often very similar.

One of the benefits of being a Financial Planner is being able to see hundreds of…

Are your investments doing well? Without the right measuring stick, you may never know

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“The FTSE 100 was up 62 points today on the back of positive economic data”

If you’ve ever heard anything like this on the news, they’re referring to what’s known as a stock market index. As a Financial Planner, it’s important for me to understand how this benchmark relates to my client's investments, when to use it and when to ignore it. When investing for yourself, it’s important that you understand this as well.

I’m going to cover what an index actually is, how they differ around the world, and why they’re important when it comes to your investments.

What is it?


It sucks

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The pool was green again. This was the 3rd time the rental agent had been in touch to tell me that the pool in our investment property was full of algae. The pool guys would need to get out there and do a full treatment on it, again, to get it back to normal.

I asked them what was going on. We’d spent $3,000 replacing the filter 18 months ago, had a monthly pool service set up that we paid for and had forked out for a pool cover to limit how many leaves fell in. They had…

The ups and downs of running your own business

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Dinner was ready. I could hear the pots and plates banging in the kitchen. My son’s inpatient babbling carried down the hallway, and I felt that familiar wave of guilt begin to push up from deep in my stomach. I knew I should go and join the family, but I also knew that if I just got this report done I’d be able to send the invoice off to the client. Not that urgency on my end seemed to matter, they wouldn’t get around to paying me for weeks.

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I’d started…

Personal finance at it’s most extreme

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For every subculture, hobby, career, or concept, there are people out in the world who are prepared to take it to the extreme.

There are people who like to ride their bike a bit on the weekends, and then there are those that are obsessed with the sport. They have 7 bikes, spend thousands on upgrades and new parts to save a couple of grams in weight. They’ve got a turbo trainer and Zwift and all they want to talk about is cycling.

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There are people who like to play video games now and…

Practical steps to improve your financial future

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I was already starting to regret this. The sun was shining, and it was the perfect balance between being warm, but not hot enough to be uncomfortable. There was a light breeze brushing across my face and I was standing in beautiful, lush green surroundings. Off in the distance was a large lake. A water fountain in the center sprayed high into the sky and ducks bobbed along the surface.

I was not having a good time.

My playing partner was a good friend who had been playing golf since he was a…

Simple steps that can change your financial future

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There are a lot of similarities between financial health and physical health. When it comes to our physical health, we don’t usually go from super fit to super fat in the space of 3 days. That’s part of the problem. Most of us have gone through times in our lives where we’ve let ourselves go a bit.

We skip a day’s exercise, then we skip a week, then before you know it you’ve not put on your running shoes in 6 months. It’s the same with food. Maybe we start to have 1 extra take out meal a week. Start…

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