6 Easy Steps to Better LinkedIn Engagement

Stop wasting time on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has massive potential

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LinkedIn is growing in importance as a social media platform every day. Traditionally a form of online CV that was only used when you were looking for a new job, it is now a powerful networking and sales platform.

With the coronavirus pandemic making face to face networking limited or more challenging in many places, the importance of LinkedIn has taken a massive leap forwards.

Like many social media platforms, it can be tough to stay motivated if you are getting low levels of engagement from your content. I’m no Gary Vaynerchuk or Tim Denning but I have seen a big increase (for me) in the level of engagement in my content since putting in place these strategies.

Here is what has happened to my profile views since I started putting more focus and attention into how and what I post on LinkedIn.

These 6 easy steps won’t make you go viral overnight, but they will help you start to see your engagement and presence slowly increase over time.

I’m operating under the assumption that you have done the basics. I hate articles like this that say super obvious things like “have a profile photo”. Just make sure your profile is complete.

If you want to know what a complete profile looks like, you can check mine out here https://www.linkedin.com/in/manchesterfinancialplanner/

Anyway, let’s get into the tips…

1. Post frequently

This is a common tip for most social media but it is especially important for LinkedIn. Compared to social behemoths like Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn has a tiny amount of content being put out on the platform every day.

This means that the “organic reach” of your posts are much higher than a new pic on Insta or a post of Facebook. The chance that people inside or even outside your network will see your posts and engage with it increases the more opportunity you give the algorithm to show them your stuff.

I try and post every day, even weekends! You don’t need to post multiple times a day but if you see something valuable to share then don’t be afraid to.

HOWEVER….this takes me to my next point.

2. Before you post, remember — DIGAF

Don’t just post endless pointless updates of where you are for the day or share boring industry articles with no context. No one is going to read them and they may even unfollow you if you are clogging up their feed.

Do I (the viewer of your post) give a f***? Why would the person watching your video or reading your post care enough to like, comment or even read/watch it?

With every post you need to aim to educate, entertain or inspire conversation.

Think about what you stop and read yourself. If you work as an accountant and someone in telecommunications posts an article about the latest underground cable upgrade, are you really going to read that?

At the end of the day you are trying to start a conversation. To do this the post needs to be read, needs to provide value and needs to prompt a response. You will see lots of people literally pose a question at the end of their post. Even something as simple as “Do you agree?” can help drive enagagement.

3. Make it personal

I have posted quite a bit of content about money and financial planning topics as that is my job. Guess what some of my best performing posts have been about?

  • My ear being blocked
  • Taking my son swimming
  • My opinion on the best things about the UK

Now I gave all of these stories a financial planning/business angle to make it more relevant to LinkedIn, but people like stories they can relate to that aren’t just dry business updates.

Tell funny stories about the office, provide a real life example of how a client has been helped by your work, whatever. Just make it about real people doing real things in the real world.

4. Create space

Ok this one might be a little controversial but at the end of the day it works.

You may have noticed a lot of posts on LinkedIn start with a heading or first line and then a lot of white space. You need to click on “view more” to be able to see the rest of the post.

This is because when you make a post, the LinkedIn algorithm shows it to a small percentage of your followers as a test run for wider distribution. When people click on “view more” that is considered engagement.

By creating a post that people want to click, it shows LinkedIn that this is a post people want to see and they then show it in the feed of more people.

It’s pretty simple, create a first line or headline that makes people want to click. Don’t go super clickbaity or your followers will get pissed of and just unfollow you, but make it something that people would want to click on.

Again, an easy way to test this is think “would I click on this?”.

5. Write a couple of articles — but then mainly do posts only

Articles are long form content like this one. You can and should post some natively on LinkedIn, and then feature them on your profile.

This makes you look more legit and knowledgeable when people click on your profile. They see some serious or technical articles that kind of ‘prove’ your expertise in your industry.

With that said, barely anyone will read them! Once you have a few articles up, focus on short posts or videos. They get loads more engagement.

6. Engage with others

Again this is true for LinkedIn just like every other platform. It is a social network, so be social! Comment on posts that resonate with you, like things that make you smile, share something that’s really awesome!

Don’t make it fake though. Don’t write “Great post” under everything without actually reading it. Ask a question, agree with a specific point, disagree with a specific point, tag someone in your network you think it might be relevant to.

Yet again, think about if it was you who wrote the post. If someone wrote you a thoughtful comment, you’d probably click on their profile and check them out right? Most other people think the same way you do!

There you go. It’s not rocket science but it honestly does make a difference. Be engaged, be consistent and if you get lost just put yourself in the shoes of the reader/watcher. Ask yourself if you would read it or watch. Would you give a f***?

I am always happy to have new connections so please do follow me on my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/manchesterfinancialplanner/

Disability Dad. Expat. Financial Planner. (Very) Amateur Filmmaker.

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