How to Make a Better, Cheaper Cup of Coffee

I tried them all so you don’t have to

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


I hate it when people act too snobby about things like wine and coffee. No, I can’t smell the violets or taste the salted caramel cookie dough. It’s a glass of red wine. It smells like red wine. I can’t tell my Columbian from my Ethiopian. I just know that I like strong, black coffee.

The French Press

My first port of call was the French Press. This is the go to for many. It’s cheap, pretty easy to use and you can get lots of different sizes. I tried it for a while. The first few sips weren’t bad. Strong, tart, you can definitely get the flavour of the coffee beans coming though.


My next option was an automatic drip machine. This had promise. You use a filter so the chance of a repeat of the gritty nightmare was slim. Automatic process so no room for the user error/technique question. I gave it a go the first morning, and it was ok.


We had to get here didn’t we. This is coffee for the 21st century. I’ve used these plenty of times before, and had a lot of nice coffees from a little silver pod. I even got gifted a machine for Christmas one year. The cups that come out of these bad boys are pretty damn good. There’s no denying it.

Pour over

Oh yes. My search is over. I came across this by chance on an Instagram ad (yeh, that targeting shit definitely works). It was a coffee brand that was offering a free Hario V60 with a bag of coffee. I needed some more coffee anyway so I ordered a bag, mainly for the free V60.

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