The 5 Stages of (Startup) Grief

The ups and downs of running your own business

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1. Excitement

This is like going out on an amazing first date. You are having a great time, there are no consequences and all you can think about are the incredible possibilities that lay in front of you.

2. Motivation

The planning phase is over, and you’ve launched! This thing you’ve dreamed about, maybe for years, has finally come to fruition. It’s been hard work, but you’ve done it. You have your own thing. The giddy excitement of the pre-launch phase has passed, and now you are pumped and motivated to make this business the huge success you know it can be.

3. Monotony

Until it doesn’t. Like our first date, at some point the honeymoon period has to end. It might take 6 months, it might take 6 years, but eventually it becomes your job. Even if things are rolling along reasonably well, your processes will click into place and routine will begin to set in.

4. Struggle

This might come right after motivation. Maybe you don’t get those initial quick wins. Maybe the clients never come. Maybe you sit in front of your computer every day wracking your brains on how in the hell you are ever going to make money and why did you leave your cushy salary job. You think back to the free coffee, hours of reading the news and chatting to the accounts department. I had it so good, why did I leave that?

5. Breakthrough

This is not a self-selection story of how anyone can build a million dollar business if they just want it bad enough and work hard enough. I don’t believe that. Sometimes things work and sometimes things don’t, no matter how good you are or how hard you work.

If you like video as well as articles, check out my YouTube Channel!

Dad. Aussie. Expat. Financial Planner during the week and amateur filmmaker on weekends!

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